In Texas, Almost Anyplace Can Be a Place to Carry a Gun

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Tex. — Some Texans bring their guns to church on Sunday and to the office on Monday.

Following the mass shooting at the First Baptist church of Sutherland Springs, I drove down from Austin and worked with The New York Times' Houston Bureau Chief Manny Fernandez to get the locals' thoughts on gun control following the tragedy. 

A Path to America, Marked by More and More Bodies

They make up a fraction of the death toll along the border in Texas. In just one county, the bodies and remains of more than 500 migrants have been found since 2009.

I traveled to Laredo, Texas in order to interview Webb County medical examiner Corinne Stern. I also assisted Manny Fernandez with research on the scope of unidentified remains of border crossers in certain counties in the state. 

Man Wielding Knife Kills One and Injures Three at University of Texas

AUSTIN — A man killed one student and wounded three others on Monday at the University of Texas, walking calmly from one to another and stabbing them with a bowie knife, setting off panic and rumors of a larger wave of violence.

I contributed reporting for this story from Austin, following the stabbing on campus.